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Here at Fundi Skills we believe that good teachers and practical learning are key to a successful career.

Our Courses

One Note
Notebook And Organizational tool

Microsoft OneNote is a great way to organize data and manage your schedule as well as collaborating with other people in your school or organization. In this course students will learn how to effectively use OneNote for day to day note taking and time management.

Windows 10
Windows Basic Skills
How to operate and understand Windows 10

Learn how to use the most common office software: Windows 10 and you will improve not only your computer skills but your possibilities.

Microsoft Word
Microsoft Word
How to create and edit documents in Word

Microsoft Word is the most used office application for creating and editing documents, if you would like to work in an office environment then learning Microsoft Word will greatly improve your capabilities.

Why Are Our Courses Great?



Our Courses are affordable, we understand the need for affordable education which is why we offer courses at low rates.

Great Teachers

Learn from educators who are experienced in their field and passionate about their work. 

Practical Knowledge

We educate our students in a hands on learning manner because we believe that being able to practically do a task is just as important as knowing about it.

Pave the road to your success today !

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Sign up for one of our affordable courses and start paving the way to your future career.

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Learn from our professional instructors and get hands on knowledge and an understanding of how to use a computer.

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Your Efforts


Graduate and become a Fundi in the topic you studied, the knowledge you gain will help you find work and get paid for your efforts.

Start Learning Today

There is a Chinese proverb which says:

"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second-best time is Now!"
~Chinese Proverb

Seize the opportunity to further your knowledge and you will be planting the tree to your success.

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Business Training

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